Mobiele app wirh intuitive management system

Learn or test at any time, at any location. Easy to manage with an intuitive backend.

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The mobile learning platform

Continuous learning incentives

On the basis of a predefined frequency, for example twice a week, each participant receives a number of learning incentives in the form of a case or questions sent to the mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) that fit within the curriculum prepared by the organization or that meet the quality requirements of a (re)certification or accreditation. .

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The Continuous learning app works on IOS-, Android- and Windows-platforms for smartphones, tablets and PC.

Available at: iOS | Android

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Our mobile platform explained

Watch our animation in which it becomes clear what the added value can be of Continuous Learning in general and the Continuous Learning App in particular.

The advantages

Learning and testing is spread throughout the year
The learning efficiency is higher
A more dynamic way of learning and testing for employees
The topicality is guaranteed
It is more efficient for the employee and thus also for the organisation
Is it more cost efficient
The use can be directed at different levels
The look and feel can be adjusted for every organization

Ready for the new way of learning

Dynamic learning

Traditional learning, e-learning and dynamic learning come together in "the new learning".


The content can be set for every user. Sending the learning incentives, the number of points to be achieved, the time available for answering, but above all the content itself: everything can be arranged per organization.


New applications such as mobile learning and (serious) gaming contribute to the individual and flexible organization of learning processes..


In addition, the learning demand of the new generation(s) is also changing. The continuous learning app is the tool to give form and content to this.

Extensive management system

The app has a management system that offers the possibility to follow the progress of employees, to manage databases and to add current events to questions or assignments where necessary.

Our cases

Implementing a learning path is something we do for our customers specifically.

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